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    來源:http://www.rfjgy.com 日期:2023-05-29 發布人:jntfgd

    Pipelines are used in industrial and construction projects, including electronic industry cleanroom purification systems, medical food aseptic workshop purification systems, hotels, factories, and office buildings, systems, industrial dust pollution control smoke exhaust pipes, explosion-proof pipelines, coal mine gas drainage systems, air conditioning systems, coal mine environmental control return air systems, and other developers who often escape and are secretly sneaking into dedicated roads by film, animation, and other developers.
    Ventilation ducts are municipal infrastructure ventilation ducts designed to circulate air and reduce the concentration of harmful gases. The materials used for manufacturing and installing air ducts, such as plates and profiles, should comply with the current national regulations of the planning regulations and related products, and have certificates of conformity. The materials should be inspected in accordance with relevant national regulations.
    For more complex civil buildings, during the planning phase, various projects (HVAC, water supply, and drainage for lighting and building specialties) should be negotiated first to determine the spacing and elevation of various pipelines. Under normal circumstances, you cannot violate your own rules. If a section crosses the boundary, it should be negotiated with other projects.
    The rule for handling the collision and harmony of various ventilation pipes is usually: 'Small pipes become large pipes, and pressure becomes zero pressure'. For example, if a water pipe collides with an air pipe, the water pipe should rotate The hot and cold water pipes collide with the downpipe. The cold and hot water pipes should be replaced.
    Before construction, the equipment manager engineer should draw pipelines and single lines for various projects on the plan. Use colored pencils for each pipe. Summarize the elevation of each intersection to see if there are any conflicts, locate them in a timely manner, and handle them before the equipment is installed.
    In order to reduce investment, save space, and reduce height, some installations do not need to tilt the pipeline, but can be laid through crossbeams (such as water pipes and fire sprinklers).
    Ventilation pipes are divided by raw materials: usually: steel pipes (usually steel pipes), galvanized (tin) pipes, stainless steel ventilation pipes, fiberglass ventilation pipes, plastic ventilation pipes, composite ventilation pipes, color steel sandwich insulation board ventilation pipes, double-sided aluminum foil insulation ventilation pipes, single slot ventilation and insulation pipes, adhesive coating (such as) mine ventilation pipes, mine ventilation pipes, plastic ventilation pipes, etc. Ah
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