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    來源:http://www.rfjgy.com 日期:2023-10-06 發布人:jntfgd

    1. Keep the auxiliary flue. The flue we install has a main and auxiliary section, and the main flue is connected to the entire floor. The auxiliary flue is an independent individual. When we discharge oil fumes, the oil fumes first enter the auxiliary flue, and then enter the main flue. This way, there will be no smoke emission. If the main and auxiliary sections are connected together, of course, smoke emission will occur.
    2. When cleaning the flue in the later stage, in order to avoid cracking at the joints, we can hang a net on the wall for cleaning. Banquet base call
    3. During the installation process, foreign objects must not fall into the flue to avoid affecting later use.
    4. When installing, we should be aware of the length of the pipeline. Many friends intentionally leave the pipeline longer for the sake of aesthetics. In fact, the shorter the flue, the better.
    5. The function of the kitchen flue is to discharge oil fumes. Some friends, in order to avoid smoking, will directly drill holes on their own walls, which is not allowed.
    6. When installing, attention should be paid to the opening direction of the flue, and we cannot easily or arbitrarily change its direction.
    The flue is very important for every family, and many details need to be known during construction. Only in this way can we ensure that there is no oil fume in the kitchen. The above is the construction method and precautions for the exhaust duct introduced by the editor today, which concludes here.
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