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    The installation site shall delimit the operation area and set up safety signs to prohibit non operation personnel from entering. Personnel entering the construction site shall wear protective equipment, and the cuffs, waist and legs of work clothes shall be tightened. When working, use safety ladders above and below the pipe.
    During the construction, the working platform or scaffold shall be built at high place, and the connection between each node of the working platform and the scaffold shall be firm and reliable. The width of the working platform shall meet the construction safety requirements, and the pedal in the platform shall be fully and stably laid.
    During use, the working platform and scaffold should be inspected at any time. In case of deformation or displacement, safety measures shall be taken and confirmed in time. In general, the exhaust fan system and air conditioning system should be installed after the building envelope construction is completed, the obstacles are removed and the ground is free of debris.
    Shandong ventilation pipeline
    What conditions should ventilation duct installation meet?
    1. The civil engineering related to the pipeline has passed the inspection and met the installation requirements; 2. The design data and other technical documents are complete, the construction drawings have been reviewed, and the construction organization design of Shandong ventilation pipeline can only be completed and approved.
    3. The manufacturer of the ventilation pipe tells us that the equipment connected with the pipeline needs to be installed and fixed in place, and the elevation, central line and the orientation of the pipe orifice of Shandong ventilation pipe meet the design requirements;
    4. Before pipeline installation, relevant procedures should be completed, such as cleaning, degreasing, internal anti-corrosion and lining, etc.
    5. The pipeline, pipe fittings and valves have passed the inspection and have corresponding technical certificates;
    6. The pipes, pipe fittings and valves have been inspected according to the design requirements, and the internal parts have been cleaned and free of foreign matters.
    7. Excavation of underground pipe trench and installation of pipe gallery are completed. 上一篇:濟南通風管道如何才能抵制噪音?


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