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    來源:http://www.rfjgy.com 日期:2020-08-27 發布人:gaoshitongferng

    Kitchen as a specific place, there are many equipment, such as conditioning class, gas class, electrical appliances, etc. Today, I will prepare several common equipment for you, and talk about the correct use of kitchen equipment and maintenance related precautions.
    Before and after use, pay attention to the operation according to the equipment requirements and kitchen operation specifications, place the things that can be placed, and do not put the things that can not be placed. Also pay attention to check whether the welding interface of the panel is firm, whether the pulley track is smooth, whether the panel is damaged, whether the bullet foot is firm, etc.

    Avoid placing hard objects, rusty objects and cleaning rags for a long time. The mineral deposits on the wall of the pool should be removed with low concentration of vinegar solution, and then washed with clean water, and no water droplets remained on the pool wall. It contains corrosive components of stainless steel, such as chlorine, bleaching agent, large amount of salt, hydrochloric acid, sulfur, etc., so the product should not be used in the pool. When cleaning, do not use cleaning cloth, stainless steel brush and other things that are easy to wear the pool wall and produce scratches.
    In addition to the fire damper in the pipe of the smoke exhaust fan of Jinan kitchen, the reason of high temperature work in the kitchen is considered. It is recommended to install 150 ℃ fire damper for other fan pipes (slightly different from the 70 ℃ of ordinary fan duct installation), It is necessary to turn off all other fans (the fire-fighting make-up air is close to the external windows and door gaps) when the fire-fighting smoke exhaust fan is in operation; when the "oil fume exhaust fan" is turned on, the "oil fume hood make-up fan" and the "fresh air pretreatment fan in the working area" should be started simultaneously (linkage).
    Jinan hotel kitchen smoke hood
    The smoke exhaust valve should be set at the end of the smoke exhaust pipe of the smoke exhaust hood of the kitchen smoke exhaust fan, and the smoke exhaust fire damper should be set at the joint of the smoke exhaust hood and the smoke exhaust pipe of the smoke exhaust fan. It should be noted that smoke exhaust valve and smoke fire damper are completely different equipment. The smoke exhaust valve is normally closed at ordinary times and opened in case of fire, which is linked with the alarm host. The opening condition is that the automatic alarm system has a fire alarm (detector alarm), the fire alarm host is in automatic state, the smoke exhaust valve is opened automatically, and the linkage smoke exhaust fan is started. The smoke exhaust fire damper is normally open at ordinary times and is also open in case of fire. However, when the flue gas temperature reaches 280 ℃, the smoke fire damper will automatically close and the fan that has been opened will stop running. 上一篇:廚房排煙工程安裝的靜音工作如何做到合理?


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