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    來源:http://www.rfjgy.com 日期:2023-05-31 發布人:jntfgd

    Introduction to the performance of double-sided color steel plate composite air duct board: The board is mechanically processed, with a thickness of about 0.3mm. It cannot be adjusted according to the pipe diameter, and there are no additional reinforcement measures. In terms of strength, it is slightly insufficient when applied to large-diameter air ducts. In addition, due to the separation of the inner and outer surfaces of the double-layer color steel plate, the inner steel plate bears greater pressure, and the deformation is uneven with the outer surface, which will affect the overall performance of the air duct. The steel plate thickness and reinforcement method of galvanized air ducts can be flexibly adjusted according to regulatory requirements.
    The thickness of galvanized air duct iron sheet is adjusted according to the pipe diameter, and reinforced with flanges and flange frames, resulting in good stiffness, strength, and pressure bearing capacity. The stiffness, strength, and pressure bearing capacity of the double-sided color plate composite air duct are slightly lower than those of the galvanized air duct.
    Because spiral air ducts also belong to the category of air ducts, they must comply with the principles of pipeline construction during installation. During installation, professional tools must be used to operate them. During the movement of the air duct, attention must be paid to protecting the integrity of the spiral air duct product. After arriving at the destination, they should be assembled and cut to ensure that there are no defects in the spiral air duct. Moreover, spiral air ducts must be designed according to the standard ratio of one to three when designing the pipeline, A spiral air duct should have as few protruding parts as possible. By following these procedures well, the duct can be installed smoothly. Whether it is installed in the duct or in other industries, the first step is to ensure the safety of the installation personnel, and also to ensure that no major accidents occur during use
    Flying cutting function - spiral air ducts can be continuously produced without stopping the cutting machine.
    High safety - after cutting, the edges are flat and free of burrs, eliminating the need for deburring procedures.
    The spiral air duct can cut any material, and the flying cutter solves any problem that old-fashioned cutting technology cannot solve. It is free of burrs, noise, sawdust, oil stains, serrations, and sparks, and has high construction safety.


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