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    Before placing the air duct in place, the water level and elevation of all supports should be checked, and the firmness of the supports should be checked. There are two methods for placing the air duct: direct and lifting. For ducts with small cross-section and low orientation, manual positioning can be used, which only requires the installation of simple scaffolding. When the cross-section of the air duct is large and the pipe section is long, methods such as pulleys, chain blocks, and large ropes can be used for lifting. Century Star introduces that in order to facilitate the positioning of the air duct, it is generally used to hang the air duct on a scaffold and then lift it onto the air duct bracket
    A unique air outlet system that relies mainly on fiber infiltration and orifice jet to evenly distribute air. Equipped with surface style air outlet, with high air volume and no blowing sensation; Uniform distribution of overall air supply; Anti condensation; Easy to clean and maintain, healthy and environmentally friendly; Beautiful, colorful, and personalized; Lightweight, with negligible roof load; Quiet system operation, improving environmental quality; Easy installation and shortened engineering cycle; Flexible installation, reusable; The system has various advantages such as comprehensive cost savings and high cost-effectiveness.
    All ventilation projects require cooperation with water curtains, and the temperature in the workshop can be controlled within 28 degrees Celsius during the scorching summer heat. But the coolness of the human body can be compared to air conditioning, and people who face the water curtain for a slightly longer time will feel cold and cannot bear it.
    Ventilation ducts should have protective measures to prevent damage to the ducts during transportation. The connection of the mortise and tenon air duct is coated with adhesive at the mortise to enhance the strength of the joint. When the air duct is installed overhead after ground pre assembly, limiting the length of pre assembly is to prevent the bending of the air duct due to its own weight from damaging the component interface. When the end of the fiberglass composite board air duct is a cutting surface, the cutting surface of the pipe end should be sealed with tape or glue before assembling the flange connection to prevent the fiberglass from being exposed and flying.


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