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    1. Firstly, it is necessary to check if there is any space and position reserved for the upper part of the flue opening due to the downward movement of the ceiling.
    2. Before suspending the ceiling, embed the smoke exhaust pipe of the smoke exhaust fan into the upper part of the ceiling. It is necessary to determine the position of the smoke exhaust pipe at the exposed opening on the ceiling based on the design drawings of the cabinet. It is also necessary to refer to the style of the smoke exhaust fan. Generally, the pipes of the European style smoke exhaust fan are in the middle position, while the smoke exhaust pipe of the sergeant smoke exhaust fan is on one side of the smoke exhaust fan. These situations affect the location of reserved openings.
    3. When embedding the smoke exhaust pipe, pay attention to sealing the gaps at the flue opening and ensuring that it is firm and does not fall off.
    4. If the stove is installed on the side of the shade, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the smoke exhaust pipe passes through the lintel of the building. In principle, the property management department does not allow drilling holes in the lintel to pass through the smoke exhaust pipe. This treatment method 1 does not need to consider the distance between the flue port and the wall to avoid affecting the installation of the hanging cabinet due to the distance between the flue port and the wall being greater than the depth of the hanging cabinet. 2 can avoid leaving a horizontal smoke exhaust pipe at the top of the hanging cabinet after installation, which affects the aesthetics.
    5. This method inevitably leads to pipes running up and down on the exposed parts of the ceiling and the upper part of the smoke machine. Friends can design a pipe plate or other modifications based on the position and height of this pipe. This method is beneficial for smooth smoke exhaust and aesthetic overall layout.
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