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    來源:http://www.rfjgy.com 日期:2023-07-12 發布人:jntfgd

    When selecting oil fume purification and smoke exhaust facilities in the kitchen of a hotel, priority should be given to the size of the smoke exhaust equipment. After determining the size of the smoke exhaust equipment, the size of the oil fume purifier equipment should be selected. Generally, the air volume of the oil fume purifier should be greater than 20% of the fan air volume.
    The specific selection of smoke exhaust fans needs to be based on the size of the hood, the number of stoves, the total length of the pipeline, and the number of elbows; Select parameters such as resistance of other equipment in the smoke exhaust pipeline.
    The design principles and division of the fume exhaust and ventilation system for hotel commercial kitchens should be combined with the client's investment direction, investment budget, energy efficiency, energy consumption, operating costs, production processes, etc,
    The determination of exhaust air volume and the principle of wind speed design consist of two parts: local exhaust air volume and comprehensive exhaust air volume. The local exhaust air volume should be determined based on the type and quantity of selected stoves and other equipment, as well as the type of smoke extraction and exhaust, that is, based on the layout plan of the stove and other equipment, the type of tobacco, the method of removing oil smoke from the centrifugal fan for oil smoke extraction, and the strength of the fan performance generated by the equipment.
    When installing the ventilation and smoke exhaust system in the hotel kitchen, it is also necessary to pay attention to reducing bends, minimizing emissions along the shortest possible route, and installing fire dampers to avoid potential fire hazards; When the pipeline is too long, the support should be fixed properly to avoid falling off; Try to keep the fan and purifier in a horizontal position as much as possible; The connecting parts must be sealed.
    In addition, when installing the kitchen exhaust fan purifier indoors, it is necessary to reserve space for later maintenance. Regular cleaning of pipelines should be carried out in the later stage to avoid potential safety hazards.


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